Civilian Opportunities

Join the New Hampshire State Police as a civilian employee!

In addition to sworn positions, the Division of State Police also offers a variety of civilian positions:

Police Communications Specialist

The role of the Police Communications Specialist is to receive and transmit messages via two-way radio, telephone and other communications equipment nationwide, dispatch enforcement and emergency field personnel, process emergency reports, and direct calls appropriately via computerized systems.

Criminal Evidence Technician

The role of the Criminal Evidence Technician is to receive, process, and store items of physical evidence in the Department of Safety, Division of State Police's Forensic Laboratory in connection with criminal investigations.


The role of the Criminalist is to conduct chemical, biological and physical analyses and comparisons of physical evidence specimens in connection with criminal investigations.


We also have many supporting roles for civilians as well that include Program Assistants, Program Specialists, Clerks, Executive Secretaries, Paralegals,  Administrative Securities, and Counter Clerks.

To view all available opportunities within the New Hampshire Department of Safety, visit the current employment opportunities section of the Department's website.

To view all available opportunities within the State of New Hampshire, visit the state job portal