Recruitment Documents & Forms

Please read the instructions before completing the questionnaire.

Instructions for Completing Questionnaire

  • Save the questionnaire to your drive. File, Save As, Select a drive and folder or create a folder in which to save the questionnaire. Save and save often!
  • To enter information, place the cursor on a blank line and type.
  • To navigate through the form, use the Tab Key or Scroll Bar.
  • Use the Scroll Bar to get to the next page. Do not use the Tab Key to get to the next page.
  • To place a check in a provided box, double-click on the box to view the pop-up menu. Select the "checked" option under "Default value" on the Check Box Form Field Options menu.

If you experience technical difficulties while completing this questionnaire, please contact the State Police Recruitment and Training Unit at (603) 223-3866 or